5 Easy Ways to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Guest Post from Cindy of Effective Weight Loss Results

Once you have decided you need to lose some weight, you should start with your plan right away. Taking action immediately will prevent you from losing your focus and motivation. This article provides five great ideas to get you started down the path to a healthy ideal weight. Learn more on a healthy ideal weight at www.effectiveweightlossresults.com/managing-weight/my-ideal-weight.

When you come to the realization that you should lose some weight, make the decision to stay committed until you have reached your weight loss goal. You understand that staying on track will be difficult, and you may have tried and failed to slim down before. Do not allow these things to discourage you from succeeding. Reaching your desired weight is really just a matter of sticking to your plan, for as long as it takes.

1.  Break it Down

You may have a difficult time believing that you really can lose all the weight that you know you should. One way to make the task easier is to break the total amount down into numbers that seem more doable for you. Setting your first goal for five pounds in a month does not seem so difficult, and once you reach that goal, you can aim for another five the next month. If you are able to reach this relatively small goal each month for a year, you will have lost 60 pounds! Wow - that sounds like an amount that would make a big difference to anyone.

2.  Clear it Out

If you have unhealthy food hanging around in your home, you will eventually eat it. Get rid of it, so you will not be tempted by fattening snacks. Be vigilant when you go grocery shopping, and make sure you do not give in to the temptation to buy more junk food. A good idea when you are shopping is to shop the perimeter of the store. Most of the healthy foods are available on the outside aisles. It is in these areas of the store that you will find produce, dairy and meats.

3.  Develop Healthier Habits

It is essential that you get rid of all your bad eating habits as quickly as possible. Stay away from fast food restaurants, as well as fried and processed foods. Replace canned and frozen foods with fresh produce, if possible and check the labels of all the food and beverages you buy, even if they are advertised as fat free items. Avoid foods that contain too much salt, sodium, fat, sugar or preservatives. You should also stick to having three meals a day at fixed hours or five smaller ones and avoid snacking. Overeating is also a common cause of weight gain. Reduce your portions and take your time when you eat, so you can stop when you are full.

4.  Try Something New

Adopting a healthy diet will be much easier if you look for foods you enjoy. Many weight loss programs will give you a list of recipes and menus to choose from, but you can make your diet more enjoyable by trying new foods each week and preparing dishes you like best. There are probably a lot of exotic fruits and vegetables you have never tried, some ethnic dishes you have never heard of and you might even love some vegetarian dishes. Try some new healthier restaurants and go to different grocery stores to have a wider selection of foods to choose from.

5.  Exercise for Energy

Exercise in the morning, if at all possible because you have more energy in the morning. If you have to get up early to make time for it, then do it. Another advantage of exercising in the morning is that it gets your metabolism going at a higher rate, which will help give you more energy and burn more calories for the rest of the day.

If you have a problem staying on track without support, look for a weight loss buddy or a support group. Staying committed is easier if you have someone you need to be accountable to, and you can engage in some friendly competition with others in comparing who lost the most weight each week. If you cannot find this type of support locally, look for an online forum to provide some encouragement for you.

It may take a week or two before you see any significant changes. Even if your scale does not move downward within a few days, you may feel the difference in how your clothes are fitting. Take that as encouragement and continue with your plan. The tips in this article are for your benefit, so use them and get to that ideal weight you dream of.

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