Whey Protein Shakes

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Whey Protein Shakes - They aren't just for bodybuilders.

Why is there so much interest in whey protein in recent years? Well, it's for good reason. For decades, body builders have relied on whey protein to burn fat and build lean muscle. Well, isn't that what the rest of us want as well?

Most of us don't want to be performance bodybuilders. The idea of less body fat and more muscle sounds appealing, doesn't it?

I don't know about you, but I stay active to not only feel good, but to look good as well. I started drinking whey protein shakes about 4 years ago and noticed a big improvement in my muscle definition and stubborn fat.

There are just so many benefits of drinking a high quality whey protein shake. I know I've covered the benefits of whey protein a lot at this site, but I've listed a few more reasons to consider incorporating a good quality whey protein shake into your regular diet.

When I'm on the go or don't have time to make a shake, I'll grab a protein bar as an alternative. Just knowing I have a bar in my pocket steers me clear of eating fast food or other junk foods.

Selecting Your Whey Protein

Wait, before I list the reasons, let me just emphasize the importance of buying a high quality whey protein. I know it's tempting to go into discount stores and buy those barrels of whey protein powder that will last you a year and cost $29. You know the ones; they're so big you could use them for rain barrels when you're finished with them.

Know what you're feeding your body before making your choice. Click this link for more about what constitutes good quality whey protein shakes.

What are the benefits of drinking whey protein shakes?

  • Whey protein builds lean muscle and boosts fat burning faster than other types of proteins like soy.
  • Drinking whey protein during a weight loss program helps your body retain muscle mass. It's common for people to lose muscle mass during a weight loss program. Whey protein drinks are a simple and effective way to prevent this.
  • As we age, we lose lean muscle mass. Known as sarcopenia, it begins after the age of 25. Protecting lean muscles in seniors can go a long way to prevent injuries. Because muscle protein synthesis becomes less efficient with age, only high quality protein will do.
  • Numerous studies, including one just published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in May 2011, show that whey protein is the best. It stimulates muscle protein uptake better than other proteins common in shakes.
  • Speaking of seniors, it's common for the eating habits of elderly people to suffer. Whey protein shakes are a perfect solution for seniors who don't want to spend time and energy cooking, or who have limited mobility in the kitchen.
  • Whey protein shakes are a fantastic meal for lunch to stave off afternoon sluggishness and brain fog. A carbohydrate heavy lunch might give you a short burst of sugar-based energy, but you'll crash just as quickly.
  • Higher protein meals such as whey protein provide your body with a more moderate fuel source for a longer period of time, thus avoiding the dreaded afternoon "crash". So skip the bread and pasta and reach for a protein shake.
  • Whey protein is fantastic for balancing blood sugar levels. I used to suffer from "crashes" in the morning if I didn't snack between breakfast and lunch. But since I started drinking whey protein for breakfast, I notice that I feel fuller longer and I don't experience those nasty crashes anymore.
  • Get the most out of your workouts. Whey protein is a high quality protein that nourishes and rejuvenates your muscles.
  • Build your immune system. Whey protein boosts the immune system by helping the body produce an antioxidant called glutathione. Glutathion protects against pollution, toxins, free radical damage and sunlight exposure.

For you researchers out there, check out this comprehensive article on wheyprotein and the immune system.

When to take Protein?

This is another question that is commonly asked. For weight loss, a meal replacement protein shake for breakfast will get your metabolism ramped up for the day. For athletes, protein before or after a work out is best so the nutrients are available for muscle support. There are no hard fast rules so do what works for you. For more see when to take whey protein.

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