Chemical-Free Whey Protein

Chemical-free whey protein products should be your only choice when considering what to purchase.

Health of the Cows

For whey, the health of the cow directly effects the quality of the milk and therefore the quality of the whey protein.

Cows have a rumen, a stomach in their gut designed to digest grass and humus. For their rumen to stay healthy and ferment grass correctly, the cow must graze continuously. Cows that are 100% pasture fed are the healthiest and produce the highest quality milk.

The economics of farming in the US has eliminated most pasture feeding. Cows are now kept in feedlots most of the time and fed hay, corn, barley, soybeans and fat. This is not good for the cow and the health of the cow suffers along with the quality of the milk.

Non-Organic Practices

Dairy cows have been turned into machines with the goal of pumping out large amounts of milk at the expense of their health, and consequently, the quality of dairy products.

Studies have shown that synthetic growth hormones (rBGH and rBST) used to increase milk production in nonorganic dairy cows may be carcinogenic. Early onset of puberty in preteen girls and an increase in twin births in the USA has also been linked to growth hormones in milk.

A new study shows that cows fed high-grain diets have a higher incidence of metabolic disorders related to the build-up of several toxic and inflammatory compounds. This increases the use of antibiotics needed to prevent to animal from getting sick. The antibiotics show up in the milk.

Since whey protein is derived from the milk, residual amounts of growth hormones, antibiotic, pesticides and herbicides can be found.

Organic Practices in the US

In the United States, a food can be labeled as "organic" if it contains a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. In most countries, organic produce also do not contain genetically modified organisms. Currently, the application of nanotechnology to food and agriculture is not excluded from certified organic food.

The rules in the US, state that organic cows have to be out on pasture for not less than 120 days per year, and have to receive at least 30 percent of their feed by pasturing during the grazing season.

New Zealand Dairy

New Zealand produces some of the highest quality milk in the world. The climate and soils within New Zealand are ideally suited for growing grass. Cows can feed on lush green grass all year round, which produces very well balanced, nutrient rich milk.

New Zealand’s standards far exceed the USDA organic standards, so you get the highest quality whey protein with a significantly lower level of lactose and a superior amino acid profile.

How to select the best Organic Whey Protein

The best Organic Whey Protein is from 100% pasture fed cattle that are free of growth hormones and antibiotics. The pastures are managed with minimal use of pesticides and herbicides, and in such a way to avoid degradation of soil and water quality.

All whey protein used in Isagenix products comes from free-grazing New Zealand“Cheerful Certified”cows that are pasture-fed and free from harmful hormones and antibiotics.

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