Is your Protein Powder Quality a Health Risk?

The results of a June 2013 report shows protein powder quality issues with 31% of the products sampled. A report released by “”shows the test results on the quality of a number of popular protein powders and drinks.

Of the 17 products tested, problems were found with 5. Stated another way, approximately 1 in 3 randomly selected brand name products hadquality issues.

- One product was contaminated with lead

- One product claimed to be cholesterol free actually had 10.2 mg per serving

- One product had more calories per serving then stated on the label

- One product had more calories per serving then stated on the label

This report supports what this site has been emphasizing. Not all whey protein products are created equal. Knowing where the whey is sourced and understanding the label is only part of finding a quality product. The company producing the product must also maintain high quality standards.

Ensuring the quality of the raw material and the finished product requires continuous testing. Many companies will cut corners and avoid extensive testing to minimize their costs. In return, you pay less for their product, but with no guarantee that you’re getting what is shown on the label. Worse, you may be ingesting ingredients not listed on the label.

All companies will say they have rigorous quality control procedures. If this is true, why would 1 in 3 products have quality problems?

I have taken Isagenix products for years knowing that they do not compromise on quality of their raw material or the finished product.

Isagenix products are rigorously tested by independent labs to be sure they meet label claims. This means that when the label says “24 grams of protein,” it’s what you’re getting.

See the ConsumerLab protein powder quality report for more details.

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