When to take whey protein

When to take whey protein is the topic of many online discussions.

When you take your whey protein will depend on your reasons for taking it and your personal preferences. I take my whey protein as part of my daily healthy living regimen, so I start every morning with a meal replacement shake with whey protein in it. But if I'm doing a workout that's more intense than usual, I'll also take a whey protein shake after my workout.

I encourage you to spend some time researching this at various sites and then just do what works best for you, your lifestyle and goals.

Here are some handy guidelines:

For Weight Loss

Take it in a smoothie for breakfast. I've been doing this for over 4 years now and love starting my day with a whey protein shakes. I have steady energy and don't find myself starving for a snack before lunch. (Although I do reach for something if it doesn't carry me through the morning - Don't Go Hungry!)

Your metabolism is highest in the morning, so breakfast is a critical source of caloric energy for your day (YES, skipping breakfast is a big no-no!). This is where whey protein is so beneficial - it gives your body much needed protein when your metabolism and energy demands are high.

Make sure the smoothie is substantial enough in nutrition to keep you going and support your high metabolic needs. Add frozen fruit, a banana and sprouted seeds.

I've included links below to some great sites for whey protein shake recipes. Experiment with them and change it up so you don't get bored drinking the same thing every day.

Build Lean Muscle While you Sleep?

Did you know that you can build lean muscle with whey protein without exercising? While I don't recommend a sedentary lifestyle, taking whey protein before going to bed actually supports your body in building lean muscle while you sleep.

For Lean Muscle Toning / Exercising

Here's the conclusion I've come to if you're working out and being physically active with the goal of building muscle. There really isn't a wrong time to take it. When to take whey protein is what works best for you.

Taking it prior to a workout will help to ease sore muscles and reduce muscle damage during a workout. Taking it during a workout can help increase your endurance (this may not be feasible depending on the activity you're engaged in).

Taking whey protein after a workout will help your body build muscle more quickly. It is ideal to eat a combination of protein and carbs after a workout to support recovery. You need the carbs within 15 minutes to restore your glycogen levels post-workout and to build stores for future training. Combining protein with carbs results in more store glycogen.

For Overall Healthy Living

Barring any health conditions you may be dealing with, there really isn't a wrong time to drink a tasty whey protein shake. Moderation is key though, as your body only needs so much protein in the day.

How much you take and when to take whey protein will be dependent on your health needs and lifestyle. I wouldn't want to start my day without my whey protein shake because no other food satisfies my energy and keeps my blood sugar levels balanced quite like it.

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