Soy Protein

I thought soy protein was good alternative to whey protein. For years, I regularly drank soy milk and ate soy products believing them to be a healthy choice. Were the benefits of soy just marketing hype?

The Chinese discovered 1000’s of years ago that soybeans had to be fermented before they could be consumed. Yet in North America unfermented soy is commonly used in many of the foods we eat every day.

Soy is not an effective replacement to whey protein (see Whey vs Soy protein).

Unfermented Soy

North Americans have been duped into believing that unfermented and processed soy products are healthy.

Soybeans contain phytic acid that inhibits the body’s ability to absorb many minerals needed for bodily functions. They also contain toxins and phytoestrogens, like isoflavones (plant estrogen), that studies have linked to thyroid dysfunction, reproductive disorders, digestive problems, immune system breakdowns, heart disease and cancer.

Fermented Soy

Fermentation reduces the amount of phytic acid and phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) substantially.

Natto is a fermented soy product that’s very high in vitamin K2, which is similar to vitamin D. Vitamin K2 and D have many health benefits, such as increased bone density, reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer, aiding in mineral absorption and helping the body breakdown toxins.

The World Health Organization reported that Japanese people, who consume large amounts of fermented soy foods along with green tea, ginger and ocean herbs, have the longest lifespan of any people in the world.

While fermented soy is healthier for you, it still contains large amounts of phytoestrogens (see Toxins and Weight Loss for more).

More Soy Facts

Soy protein was once considered a waste product of the soy oil industry and used almost exclusively as cattle feed.

Over 90% of soy grown in North America are genetically modified (GM).

Plant-based estrogens from soy can cause premature puberty and other sexual abnormalities, and increase the risk of cancer.

Unfermented soy products have been linked to everything from reproductive disorders and infertility to cancer and heart disease.

Unfermented soy blocks the absorption of important minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, unless the phytates have been removed through fermentation.

Eating unfermented soy products is likely the single largest cause of hypothyroidism in women.

Soy infant formula has 80 times more manganese than breast milk and can directly cause brain dysfunction.

Approximately 20% of infants in the US are fed baby soy formula. New Zealand scientists have calculated that a “baby exclusively fed with soy formula could be receiving the equivalent of 4-5 birth control pills of plant-based estrogens on a daily basis.” (see Toxic Love)

Unless soy has been fermented, soy protein blocks the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion. This can cause gas and promote problems with the pancreas, including cancer.

The Whole Soy Story is an ABSOLUTE must read if someone you know or love is convinced soy is a health food.

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